with NIDA Graduate and actor Garth Holcombe

Garth is an experienced, well respected and in demand acting teacher and trainer with over 22 years in the Stage and Screen Entertainment industry.


As a practicing actor in the industry, (most recently appearing on stage in THE WOMAN IN BLACK at the Ensemble Theatre 2021), Garth draws directly from the current industry climate and culture; as a result his training is relevant, precise, fresh, exciting and rigorous- reflecting the standard and expectations of the professional acting industry.


He has trained thousands of actors, Australia-wide as well and Internationally, and works as a teaching artist for major institutions such as:


  • NIDA- National Institute of Dramatic Arts

  • SAS - Sydney Actors School

  • Sydney Drama School

  • Bell Shakespeare, Australia

  • STS - Sydney Theatre School

  • SPA - Sydney Performance Academy and more...


Garth is currently a core stage acting tutor for the Diploma of Stage and Screen Performance- NIDA, the Diploma of Music Theatre- NIDA, as well as an ongoing tutor for NIDAOpen Acting Techniques Programs, Residencies and one-year Actors Studios.

Garth is a qualified VET TRAINER & ASSESSOR with his relevant and updated

Certificate 4 in Training & Assessment Qualification for the VET training sector.


FACE-TO-FACE:  Studio and rehearsals space available at not extra cost.

ZOOM: Easily accessible and focused coaching online using specific ONLINE delivery and teaching practices and methodologies.

For costs and pricing please fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page, and an info pack will be sent to you.

Sessions commonly include the following:

Acting Techniques (influenced by Stanislavsky, Meisner, Mamet, Adler, Hagen and more)

  • Acting- Beginners to advanced

  • Impulse, spontaneity and creative freedom

  • Text Analysis and Script examination

  • Improvisation: Techniques, skills and practice

  • Voice: The body to the breath to the spoken word

  • Movement: Physical awareness, presence and storytelling for the stage

  • Audition Preparation: Selection- rehearsal- performance

  • Career and industry advice & guidance

  • Acting for Screen: Film and TV

  • SHAKESPEARE: "Falling in Love with the Bard"- The Love of Language.

  • THE ACTORS WELLBEING: Emotional & mental support and guidance for the creative artist.


Many of Garth’s private students have gone on to gain acceptance into the leading Drama Schools or are working professionally in the industry in Australia and Internationally.


         "Garth is one of the most down to earth, passionate acting coaches

          I have worked with. He doesn't just direct you, he places himself in

          the given circumstances with you which opens up a space of true     

                             conversation and connection to the work."

                                                       -Alex King, ACTOR- Sydney.



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